Healing Powers of Matcha + Adaptogens


My love for matcha runs true and deep. There was a time when I tried to be a coffee lover, but honestly I never really enjoyed the bitter taste of coffee or the way it made me feel. I kept drinking it because I loved the morning routine of making or getting a morning cup of energy and carrying it with me for the better part of the day. Eventually, I realized that a major cause of my anxiety, sleepless nights & hormonal acne was coming from the amount of coffee I was drinking.

This revelation turned me away from coffee. I quit cold turkey and immediately saw differences in my face, my levels of anxiety and the much better sleep I was getting. Soon, I found matcha (shout out to Chalait...if you lived in New York 4 years ago, you know this was the ONLY spot in the City serving matcha lattes + avocado toast at the time)  and the wonderful world of adaptogens which further healed the imbalances my body had been facing.

A LITTLE HISTORY...Matcha was used as a ceremonial drink in Japan when it was first harvested. The preparation was done super meticulously by using almost boiling water whisked together with just a teaspoon of matcha. (you can still order it this way, just ask for a matcha americano).

When you drink matcha, you are drinking the whole leaf, unlike black or green tea where you steep the leaves. Because of this, the matcha is made by whisking the leaves in a small amount of hot water until it is fully absorbed. Once you've done this, you can add in your extras like : almond milk, coconut milk, sweetener, cinnamon, adaptogens etc. by blending or mixing them in!


Benefits Of Matcha

  1.  High levels of Chlorophyll from being grown in the shade (this gives the matcha it's green color!)

  2. Slow releasing caffeine gives you sustainable energy (taking away that coffee crash)

  3. Boosts your metabolism by releasing the compound EGCg that stops the growth of fat cells. (higher levels than other green teas)

  4. Helps promote a calm + focused mind by releasing theanine into the body.

  5. 10x the amount of antioxidants than green tea & 10-20x the amount than acai or blueberries


How to amplify the healing powers of your matcha latte

My favorite way to drink matcha is in latte form and almost all of the time it's homemade. I prefer mine to be made at home so I can make it just the way I like it, know exactly what type of matcha is being used ( ceremonial grade only please! ), plus I can make all of the changes or additions I want without being worried that I might be annoying the barista.

First, make sure when you heat your water you are careful not to boil it, 160° is the max temp. Boiling water will burn your matcha and give it an extra bitter taste that you want to avoid. Double check the matcha that you purchase doesn't include any added sugars. My favorites at home to use are Mizuba Matcha, Ippodo matcha or Four Sigmatic Matcha + Lion's Mane. Try out different ones to see what your taste buds prefer.

I shared my matcha latte recipe below but before you read it, let me explain why I add some of the ingredients that I do! Collagen powder is and important ingredient to help heal your gut + prevent leaky gut. Cinnamon is a metabolism booster with anti-inflammatory properties. Ashwagandha + Cordyceps are a non-negotiable in my morning drink. Adding adaptogens helps my body combat stress, fatigue + hormone imbalances through out the day. You can read more about adaptogens on my blog post. I have been incorporating CBD for the past 3 months and have seen a huge change in my anxiety levels and digestion since starting it. If it is something you want to try in your routine, I recommend using Mowellens non-toxic, clean brand made locally here in LA. Lastly, brain octane oil is used for the brain to metabolize caprylic acid into ketones which turns to instant energy for the brain without a need for glucose or carbs.

Now that you know what's going down in your mug....scroll down for my personal fave at home matcha latte!


If you're still not convinced to make the switch to matcha or at least lower your intake of coffee, I recommend trying Four Sigmatic special coffee + mushroom blends. Combining coffee with healing mushrooms, helps to alkalize the drink, improving your energy and metabolism. While coffee is by no means a devil food, it is highly acidic and can interfere with your adrenals causing unnecessary stress to your body, so it is something to keep an eye on if you feel that coffee isn't benefiting you in your day to life.


Matcha Latte Recipe

**Note that the optional ingredients do not have to be used altogether. They are ingredients that i rotate into my lattes. If incorporating new ingredients into your routine, make sure to add one at a time to see how your body reacts and feels afterwards.

  1. Heat water to almost boiling
  2. Add water + all ingredients except for the milk into blender for 1-2 minutes & pour into mug ( I use my nutri bullet for this drink) 
  3. Heat milk of choice & add into mug
  4. For extra foam use a hand foamer