Adaptogens. What's with the Hype?

Adaptogens, what's the deal with these magic mushrooms and why is everyone suddenly using them? I had first heard of adaptogens when I was attending IIN. David Wolfe spoke about the healing power of Chaga mushrooms and I became interested in what these mushrooms were all about.


It wasn't until I stumbled into Life House Tonics & Elixirs in Hollywood that I added adaptogens into my daily routine. Here, they specialize in making their own mushroom blends which are incorporated into drinks. So you're telling me I can get grounded, lessen my anxiety, slow down aging & increase brain function by adding a small amount of this superfood into my diet? SOLD.

Right away I could see the change that these adaptogens were doing to my body & mind. (I got so into them that I even wrote a research essay about medicinal grade mushrooms for a writing class which you can read here).

The main purpose of an adaptogen is, simply put, to adapt to the things going on inside of your body. They help to heal your adrenals, and counteract the triggers stress on the body. I personally love these healers because they help to balance hormones.

The Adaptogens that I use regularly are:

Ashwaganda: Increases the energy of the immune system, helps to relieve anxiety, stress, depression & fatigue. Antioxidants in this herb work to destroy free radicals that cause the brain to age. **Blend into your daily coffee or matcha

ChagaThe Big Daddy of all adaptogens. Chaga is said to slow the aging process, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation & maintain your energy levels without shooting the system full of caffeine. **Use chaga as your daily tea to achieve ultimate power throughout your day.

Cordyceps: A strength building mushroom that creates oxygenation of the body, increased mental power & athletic endurance, sexual energy, muscle tone, immune system support. ** Best used pre or post workout

Lion's ManeThis is a mushroom that stimulates nerve growth factor of the brain. AKA creation station. It also improves memory & concentration while supporting a healthy immune system. **Perfect fair pairing with your morning coffee or matcha for an added boost of brain power.

MacaAn ancient Peruvian cruciferous root. This is best used to increase fertility, hormone balancing, energy, thicker hair & stronger bones. **PRO TIP - pair Maca with Cacao + strawberries to make a libido boosting pre-date smoothie ;)

Reishi: Believed to be one of the most powerful adaptogens next to Chaga - we will call this one Big Mama. Reishi boosts the immune system and is great for preventing colds & most allergies. It promotes calmness, presence & inner strength. **Perfect to start of end the day. I like to add reishi into my Dandelion tea at night.