City Guide to New York

New York! My home and my whole entire heart. I grew up on Long Island and spent a good portion of my adult life living in Manhattan, safe to say I did a lot of exploring to find the best spots for eating, drinking, hanging out with friends and everything in between.

I've created a list of my current fave spots I think you have to visit while in town. Most of these spots fall into lower Manhattan but don't be fooled...if it is your first time to NYC, make sure you don't miss out on the uptown gems like visiting Central Park, stopping by the many museums, seeing a ballet at Lincoln Center or a show on Broadway! New York is truly the city that never sleeps so even if you only have a few short days, there is plenty of time to fit in a ton of these must see spots!

If you are from New York or have visited recently and have some other spots you think I've missed... please leave a comment below so we can help each other out and share the wealth. I would love to add more to my list so I can continue exploring each time I take a trip back East! 





Two Hands has been around for years with a small little spot on the outskirts of Chinatown with a super limited menu (but still bomb) and now they have a second restaurant in TriBeCa....extra bomb.

TriBeCa Two Hands has an amaaaazing menu full of breakfast plates with my name written all over it, plus a banana bread that is to dieeee for - seriously, get it and you will understand. 

I was a little disappointed to find out that their matcha had added sugar in the blend (Chamellia matcha is the brand that they used). PS don't be afraid to ask your server to see the ingredients in your favorite drinks, it's not always the worst thing if there's a little added sugar but it's definitely good to be aware.

On this trip I ordered the matcha latte with coconut milk, the Zoe's market plate packed with avocado, watercress, roast tomatoes, sweet potato, beet relish and cauliflower rice. Followed by the gluten free banana walnut bread topped with espresso mascarpone, toasted buckwheat and honey. YUM




Tell me a restaurant is run by Aussies and I am sold before ever having looked at a menu. Here's the thing, Aussies invented Brekky...avocado toast was all them so you know what you're getting when you walk into a place like this.

Banter NYC stole my heart the second I stepped foot inside. It's located in a cute area, with cute decor and a verrrry cute wait staff. We first ordered the Avocado toast which came on herbed sourdough bread topped with avocado, goat cheese, pepitas, micro greens and a poached egg. Along with the greens salad made with kale, broccoli, fresh chili, toasted pepitas, avocado and also topped with a poached egg. Followed by the house made gluten free banana bread.

This meal was delicious and I highly recommend walking it off by exploring the area! The West Village is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC so definitely take yourself around and see what other gems you discover!




Next up, super food elixirs, non-toxic manicures + pedicures and thai inspired massages at the Chillhouse minimalist oasis. I came here straight off of a flight from NYC so I needed some major pick me up's to keep me going. I ordered the 'Give me Life' which is filled with cacao, ginger,honey, cayenne and Chillhouse's own adaptogenic blend of maca, cordyceps, chaga, rhodiola topped with rose petals. Seriously, It's everything I could have wanted and definitely brought me back to life. I added avocado toast on gluten free bread on the side as well.

This trip I wasn't able to fit in a spa service but I did gift my best friend with a gift card here for her last birthday. She said the massage was unlike anything she's ever had before. It was thai inspired - if you've never had a thai massage, it's when the massage therapist uses their own body to stretch and massage you even deeper than usual - it's the best!







When i'm in town I make sure to try workouts that I can't find in Los Angeles. There are so many studios that cross over and what fun is it to do the same workout on both coasts, you have to switch it up! New York Pilates has been on my radar for quite some time now and I am SO beyond happy that I finally was able to make my way in there.

Besides the fact that the decor and aesthetic of NYP is out of this world...think all white + neutrals, a kombucha and raw bites bar and Mason Louis Marie candles lit up all over. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was just as good as the vibe and lived up to it's steep price of $40.

EEK. I know the price is high but honestly for a treat yourself vacation workout, this class was amazing and very worth it. I took the Scuplt & Recover class at the Bowery location followed up with a Lavender-Blueberry Kombucha from the tap. 






You can't come to NYC without trying all of the coffees, teas and elixirs it has to offer on every other corner. From left to right, my current favorite spots are Cha Cha Matcha, Ludlow Coffee Supply and The Alchemist's Kitchen. Each one has some really unique features that boost your coffee experience.

Cha Cha Matcha is a trendy spot (which definitely made me verrrrry skeptical to try their matcha) but it is actually serving good quality matcha and making it the traditional way (hot water + whisking together in a bowl). They have high speed powered whiskers which is awesome and they mix up a mean matcha latte with almond, coconut or oat milk. The last time I stopped in I tried the special drink which had 3 layers: Spirulina + E3 Live, Turmeric + Ginger + Cracked Pepper, Rose water + Beetroot powder made with coconut milk. This drink was honestly fantastic and if it is still a special when you're in town....get it!

Ludlow Coffee Supply was across from my hotel while I was in town. I ran in to grab a matcha one of the days and saw that they had CBD to add into any drink you want. This always catches my attention when I'm outside of the West Coast. The matcha latte with CBD that I got was to die for and if you are staying in the LES this coffee spot is your best bet for a good quality drink.

The Alchemist's Kitchen celebrates the power of plants, adaptogens and the healing properties of Cannabis. This little shop is located off the beaten path in the LES. I got the beauty elixir containing : goji, chaga, tremella, tocotrienols, schizandra, cinnamon, pearl powder and homemade coconut milk. They have a ton of other blends to choose from plus a wall full of Sun Potion and other brands you can shop.