Top 5 Must Reads of Summer 2018

Some of you might not know this about me but I am a huuuuuge book worm. I especially love books that require a highlighter when I'm reading LOL. Don't worry though, I'm only recommending my light set of books today, no highlighter necessary. These books range from nutrition to fitness to hormonal health and financial guidance. They have all helped me in some way or another and I can promise that they will help you too!


Karena & Katrina have created a masterpiece with this one! This is not your run of the mill fitness book. B&B encompasses the 3 most important areas of leading a happy, strong, healthy life: Nutrition, Fitness & Self Care. From circuit workouts to dinner recipes to DIY girls nights with face masks and all...this has become my go to for quick tips to stay on track! Along with the book, you can follow along @toneitup for checkin's and extra motivation as the Tone It Up community shares their experiences when they read it! 

PS - I am super honored to have a feature in this book! I share how I stay motivated even when times are tough and some tips on how you can stay motivated as well. 

Grab yourself a copy of Balanced & Beautiful at Tone It Up, Target, Amazon or Barnes & Noble !




This book has completely changed my life. Alissa Vitti explains how to heal and support your body by balancing your hormones and eating to fuel each cycle phase. She explains that women should not be living a life ridden with awful PMS and other symptoms throughout the month. Once you learn about each phase throughout the month, you will feel connected to your womanhood and want to fuel your body for each phase with the food you eat and the workouts you do. She also gives all of the answers to what food is best for each phase and even what your brain power is best used for at that time. Download the app MyFlo to get even more in sync!



3. The Girl on the Train

If you're looking for an addicting good read, that will have you hooked immediately....this is the book for you. It's always nice to throw a book in the mix that isn't filled with self-help tips, nutrition facts and just take you away to another world. This was one of my favorite reads this summer while I was flying all over the place. The perfect way to make any plane ride go quicker.




4. You Are a Badass at Making Money

I'll admit that I am not the best with money, I just never wanted to learn about it when my parents tried to teach me and I especially never mastered the art of attracting it into my life. Once I read this book though, it completely changed my mindset on money and made making money seem like an attainable goal. Feeling empowered in the finance department is what it's all about!

...and if you haven't read Jen Sincero's first book You Are a Badass , I highly recommend you grab that one as well. It will fire you up to be the most confident and assured version of yourself to rock any situation that comes your way in life, work and relationships.

5. Medical Medium

THIS. BOOK. is everythinggggggg....I love everything about this book, from the way Anthony William breaks down Epstein Barr Virus and the effects it has on overall health. He explains each disease that is created by EBV in the body plus the easy ways to help heal from the inside out. Find out how celery juice on an empty stomach each morning can completely reboot your health and why you should never be afraid of fruit. There are tons of books out there explaining why certain foods are good/bad for you but the words in this book really resonated with me....PS i've been drinking the celery juice each morning on an empty stomach and am starting to see it heal me day by day. Really crazy stuff here!