Protect The Pits!


Protect Your Pits, sounds funny right? Who wants to think about their armpits, that’s weird and gross and it’s better if we just pretend they don’t exist….except they do, sooo let’s talk pits!

You know I love me some Kopari Beauty. In March, I committed to making the switch in my beauty routine to fully non-toxic products. Kopari was my ‘gate-way’ drug & it completely transformed my skin. Since I started using Kopari, I haven’t had to buy face wipes again - so my wallet is happy and my skin is glowing - so my face is happy.

The newest product I have incorporated into my routine is the Aluminum Free Coconut Deodorant by Kopari Beauty. I think we can all agree, it can be really difficult to find a natural deodorant that leaves you feeling fresh & clean for more than an hour at a time but look no further...this coconut deodorant really does the trick. I swear it! I’ve tried everything out there to find the right one and I can confidently say this one is IT! Unlike some that leave a weird color, come out in a strange consistency or make your skin dry and irritated, Kopari’s glides on smoothly without the aforementioned strange residues.

Some of you may or may not know that cancer runs in my family which is why I am always making the conscious effort to create a stress free & toxin free lifestyle through food, beauty and lifestyle. Thankfully, health and wellness is making huge strides forward, we are more aware than ever as a society to take care of our bodies from the inside out. Yes, this means being aware of the food you eat but it also means the products that you use topically as they get absorbed through the skin. Toothpaste, make-up, shower products & lotions have become something we know to choose non-toxic but for some reason, we overlook picking out a deodorant that is free of disrupting chemicals. 

Let me break down what I mean by ‘disrupting chemicals’ specifically aluminum.

The aluminum found in most popular deodorants is there to block your sweat glands & prevent you from sweating. Wait, that sounds exactly like the reason you wear deodorant, right??...well, sweating is your bodies natural way to detoxify. So, by completely preventing this process from happening, you create blockages in your pits that eventually can cause problems with your glands & endocrine system. Some studies suggest that these aluminum-based chemicals are absorbed into the skin, especially if there is a nick from shaving. They note that the harmful ingredients may increase the risk of breast cancer, since they are applied to the armpit and therefore, absorbed into an area next to the breast.

The studies further suggest that aluminum-based compounds that are applied and absorbed near the breast can cause estrogen-like effects. Since the hormone estrogen has the ability to promote the growth of breast cancer cells, it's therefore, possible that these aluminum-based chemicals in antiperspirants/deodorants may contribute to breast cancer.


As if I haven’t said enough great things already, the finally factor that really sells me on this deodorant is the fact that it comes in a travel size. I hate having to carry a regular size around when i’m out on shoots & workouts all day. Being able to throw the mini size in my bag makes it super convenient!

Kopari Beauty Coconut Deodorant is…

FREE OF: aluminum, baking soda, silicone, phthalate

MADE OF: Pure Coconut Oil, 100% plant based active, sage oil, coconut water 

Use the link to buy it here & give it a try!

Kopari will donate $1 for every coconut deodorant sold during the month of October to the F Cancer organization @letsfcancer

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