Probiotic Honey + Turmeric Face Mask

The past year has been a journey for me with food & skincare. I have slowly made changes in the way I eat and what food I choose to put in my body for fuel. Once I started seeing how the change in food affected me from the inside, I quickly realized I had to take a look at what I was putting on my skin that would then be absorbed into my body.


Store bought face masks (even clean brands) have been negatively affecting my face. There are a few that I still stay loyal to (Odacite & Goldfaden MD) but usually I make my own masks at home with real ingredients from my own kitchen. (For more face mask inspo check out my spirulina + coconut mask here)

For this probiotic Honey + Turmeric mask, I'm going to break down each ingredient so you can understand why/how making face masks at home is not only wayyyy cheaper than consistently buying from a store, but how jam packed with nutrients they can be...meaning way better for your skin & body! 

So let's talk ingredients...

Turmeric is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties when ingested through food and it does the same for the face. It also targets your pores and calms the skin from any impurities. Turmeric can also help reduce scarring AKA this is great to use from acne breakouts. As its' color suggest, turmeric stains anything it touches so be cautious when using. The bright color helps to brighten your skin!

**other uses for turmeric: spice up your green juice, add into your eggs or mix into a morning ACV shot. 

Probiotic Coconut Yogurt is loaded with beneficial bacteria that helps to heal your gut and new studies are finding that we have colonies of bacteria all over the skin that reek the benefits of coconut yogurts probiotics as well. The fats in probiotic rich coconut yogurt help to moisturize and soothe your face.

**other uses for probiotic yogurt: whip up a morning superfood parfait or add into smoothies for extra creaminess.

Manuka Honey is only made in New Zealand and Australia, known for it's antibacterial and healing properties. It contains high amounts of Phenols which brighten and repair the skin, reduce redness, boost hydration and prevent breakouts. Ordinary honey from the classic bear jar can been laden with tons of hidden added sugars and chemicals whereas Manuka Honey is graded on a UMF (Unique Mankua Factor) to scale the potency of each jar. The higher the UMF grade, the higher it's benefits. Take a look at the chart below to see how to successfully purchase your own jar of Manuka Honey.

**other uses for manuka honey: add into your morning matcha, smoothie or yogurt parfait.



Now that I've broken down why each ingredient is important for clear, bright, glowing skin...let me teach you how to make the mask yourself!

It's super easy and while a couple of the products are semi-pricey, this actually winds up being cheaper than consistently buying new one time usage you can use these ingredients in smoothies, or other fun recipes! 


1 tbsp Manuka Honey (Manuka Doctor 24+ is my favorite)

2 tbsp Probiotic Coconut Yogurt (I like to use GT's COCOYO)

1 tsp turmeric

Mix together, apply with a foundation brush & leave on for 10-15 minutes.

Remove gently with a warm towel and say HELLO to glowing skin!