Life Hack : How to make On The Go Breakfast Healthy


I am a firm believer of having a morning routine. This helps to center you and keep you on track for the day ahead. Having a flexible job with different hours each day, I usually have the luxury of having a slow, relaxed morning. Some days, my schedule calls for an early morning where I barely have time to brush my teeth before running out the door and I know that for most, that is the reality of their everyday life.

I have found some amazing recipes, tips & tricks to start off your morning on the right foot, even when you only have 20 minutes to get yourself together.

Sunday meal prep is going to be your new BFF. This may sound daunting but take a breath and hear me out. Meal prep doesn't have to be about making a million recipes and having every single breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week ready all at once. That sounds less than appealing. This is not the kind of meal prep I am suggesting.

What I am talking about here is getting an idea for the week of what your usual 'go-to' foods are and having them ready to grab when you're heading out the door. For me, I know I love a meal that fills me up in the mornings, this way I'm not stopping somewhere for junk. I want to be full so I'm not tempted to snack before lunch + I tend to make healthier lunch decisions if I've had a filing and healthy breakfast.

These mini egg muffins and coffee smoothie combo is my perfect grab and go breakfast. Filled with protein and energy I'm able to stay satisfied much longer than if I just grabbed a cold brew & granola bar from Starbucks.

If eggs and smoothies aren't your thing, you can always try pre-serving yogurt with all the works, make over night oats, chia pudding or have a breakfast salad all ready to go. (PS all of these ideas can be eaten as a mid day pick me up, a lunch or even have chia pudding as your dessert).

My mom used to always make breakfast quiche for us and smoothies before school, she was way ahead of her time. These are my versions of my childhood breakfast with some upgraded tricks thanks to my fam @toneitup 

Egg Muffin Recipe

  • 6 eggs
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup of almond milk
  • Chopped up Spinach & Tomato & Onion
  • Coconut oil spray

Like I said, my mom used to make a solid quiche all the time, so I had the basics down but with the upgraded Tone It Up trick of turning them into muffins...GAME CHANGER. First whisk together the eggs & almond milk. Then, spray the muffin tin with the coconut oil spray, add in the tomato, spinach & onion, then pour the liquids evenly into each cup. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

*Pro Tip! The first time I tried to make these, I thought a muffin tin liner would be better than just using the was not better. They came out small and sad. Make sure to just use the spray, test with a toothpick at the end and you will be good to go!

Protein Coconut Coffee Smoothie

I make my own cold brew using Modern Times Sun God beans by blending them and letting them sit over night. Of course, you can buy your cold brew before hand to blend into the smoothie. 

Check out the making of my Coconut Coffee Protein smoothie for @toneitup smoothie week here!