My Favorite Podcasts


When you live in LA you spend a lotttt of time in the car. I also live Downtown so i spend a lottt of time walking to and from work. One of my favorite ways to spend my time while driving or walking is listening to a dope Podcast. I am a reader to learn, I usually can’t pick up a book that is just a story and get hooked. I like the knowledge that comes along with self-help or educational books and this carries over to Podcasts.

The first show I started with was @mindbodygreen. I already followed them on Instagram and their website to get all of my health & wellness world updates but the Podcasts are much more intimate, sitting down with some of the leaders in this world that I admire so much. This opened my world to finding more shows similar to this. I loved expanding & using my brain while being stuck in LA traffic.

I started venturing around and have come across some amazing shows that teach so much about nutrition, life, meditation, wellness, growing up, relationships and so much more.

Here are my favorites that are currently on rotation for me: