Mindful Mornings lead to Magical Days

Are you the kind of person that snoozes your alarm for an hour, scrolls Instagram for another 20 minutes and at the last second finally jumps out of bed in a rush to shower, change grab a coffee and run out the door for work?

If I'm being honest, even now with a pretty solid routine...I still have mornings like this. It's only natural! But what I have learned is that when my morning is rushed and hectic, it sets me up for a day full of chaos, feeling out of my body & I am unable to make the best decisions for my body and mind.

Slowly, I have realized that when I slow down in the morning and take the time to become one with my body & mind, I am in control of my day and much more aware of the choices I make. 

What my morning routine looks like...


I try to keep my wake up time consistent, around 8am each morning I am slowly getting myself out of bed.

I immediately drink a large water to wake up my body, followed by a warm water with lemon. Sometimes I add Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne for an extra digestive kick.

Meditation is key. This calms & clears your mind and allows you to create the pace of your day. It also helps me to bring positive thoughts to the forefront of my brain.

Once I have done all of this, I can start my day with a protein filled breakfast of either eggs + avocado, probiotic coconut yogurt, a big  smoothie or a breakfast salad.