Farmers Market Finds

Every other Sunday I take myself to the Farmer's Market. I like to switch up which market I go to so that I get a variety of fresh produce.

This past week I made my way through the Hollywood Farmers Market which turns out to be my favorite of them all. It is SO big and filled with so many wonderful choices.

I left full-handed & super happy.

Lavender to keep in my room next to my bed for relaxation & to add into my water with lemon for added digestion properties.

Fresh Saffron which I kept on the kitchen table and used to make my own ayurvedic face mask with. A Saffron + Yogurt face mask can help to alleviate dryness, discoloration, dullness & acne.

Custom made cups made by Mariannes' Clay Creations. SO cute and my favorite to drink smoothies, tonics & elixirs out of. Ceramics can get super pricey but Marianne's are reasonably priced at about $20 a mug. 

Farm Fresh Eggs  to eat throughout the week. Eating the highest quality eggs is very important to me. Buying eggs this way ensures you know you are putting the cleanest possible dairy products in your body.

Fresh Organic Berries to add into my morning yogurt or to freeze for smoothies. When fresh fruit is set in the freezer right after purchasing (flash freeze) they keep their nutrients instead of losing quality over time and eventually going bad.

Avocados + Zucchini are in season during the summer months. The Zucchinis are perfect for zoodles or to steam & freeze to add into smoothies! Avocado's are best when added to...literally everything. Avocado toast, avocado cacao pudding, in a smoothie or on top of any salad.