Guide To Oahu, Hawaii

Looking for a getaway? If you live on the West Coast (or if you live on the East Coast and don’t mind a long AF flight) I HIGHLY recommend heading to Oahu Island. Here is my list of places you must visit...and the things you can skip.

Let me start by saying - we messed up. BIG time. Through word of mouth, I was advised to stay in Honolulu. Everybody told me this place had a bit more life and a little more going on to keep it interesting on a first big trip with a significant other.
If you visit Oahu, please do not stay in Waikiki or Honolulu. If you are anything like my boyfriend and I, you will be disappointed.
This area is basically the equivalent to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles  or Times Square in New York. Granted, there was plenty to do and some spectacular food - this is the area where tourists flock.

We learned very quickly so after that very first day, we rented a car and made our way to the North Shore or Kailua on the East side of the Island for some of the most amazing experiences & freshest food around. THIS  is where anyone visiting should stay if you want the quiet, romantic, getaway beach experience you dream of in Hawaii.

Here are some of my faves … 




These bowls are found at a small shack off the corner of a main road. Made with the freshest ingredients I could have ate this as every meal of the day (I definitely got the larger size a few of the days and ate every single bite) . The acai was blended to perfection & there were so many superfood addition options my heart and tummy were overjoyed.















FRESH AF!! This shrimp is the best on the North Shore, caught down the road from the truck & made to order. The meal is so simple and wallet friendly (as things can tend to get a little pricey on the Islands in Hawaii) this plate was only $6 each! We went with the garlic butter shrimp, rice and fresh grilled pineapple. There were tons of other flavor options to choose from. Be careful though - this truck is cash only with no ATMs nearby. So satisfyingly good, the shrimp is a MUST!














A Hawaiin staple, shave ice can be found all around the Island but this spot in particular became our favorite. They have house made fresh juice that they flavor the ice with. The best flavor was Lilikoi - a fruit I had never had before. Lilikoi is a Passion Fruit that is available on the Hawaiian Islands almost all year round. It gets pretty hot some days and after the beach shave ice is perfect for a burst of hydration + energy.

The Local is only minutes from Lanikai beach so these should definitely be paired together.












This shack speaks to my soul on a very deep level. Located across the road from Sunset Beach with a goal to provide food & drink that serves a purpose to feel “Happy, healthy & strong”. Bulletproof coffees, adaptogens and all of the superfoods I love + vegan burritos that are to die for.

This shack had been on my list of places to visit while in town and it definitely lived up to my expectations.





The most peaceful beach we have ever stepped foot on. The difference between this beach and the beaches in Waikiki are insane. Waikiki beaches had rocks in the water so you couldn’t walk out further than a few feet, with completely flat water.

Here, the sand was like stepping on clouds, you could swim far out in the water & the waves were there but kept calm so someone like me could totally enjoying floating around. We spent 2 full days out on this beach and both times we made our way to The Local afterwards.

Not many people make their way over to the East side so this beach is kept quiet with minimal amounts of beach goers...just the way we like it.

--Wearing @bondeyeswim bathing this similar look here →





The home of the greatest surfers in the world. We were driving down the highway, saw an opening in the trees and decided it was a good place to stop and explore. Chickens & roosters were roaming around the opening that led right into this beach!

Completely empty, we were the ONLY two on this beach. It was such an incredible experience to feel like you had a private luxury beach to yourself.

The waves here are HUGE especially at the time of year we visited (November). This is the time when the best of the best come to town and surf the magnificent waves.

We watched some pro surfers do their thang and even got to see the the Vans Triple Crown of surfing.

This beach is only minutes away from Hale’iwa bowls which means you should make a stop there before/after .. or both.

--Wearing @Zaful bathing this similar look here →






If you want to see the greatest sunsets on the islands, you must go to Sunset Beach. Bring a towel, a beer and some snacks. Post up on the sand and wait for the magical show in the sky you are about to witness. It is pure beauty and suuuuper romantic if you’re with your significant other.

Feel free to send a message my way if you’re planning to make a trip and have any other questions about where to stay, eat & beach!