IV Vitamin Therapy

    Most people I know, associate IV Vitamin Therapy with Vegas, Music Festivals and just long party weekends. Stay with me here while I explain that this is an outdated way of thinking and that the benefits of drip therapy are beyond what you probably assume.


    While taking your daily vitamins is cool and beneficial on a day to day basis, you should know that you might be missing out on some key nutrients that your body just isn’t digesting. When vitamins are consumed orally, the pill has to make its way through the GI tract and entire digestive system where many key nutrients get broken down and tossed away to be excreted…..dang, major bummer, right?

    IV Vitamin Therapy is one of the only ways to receive 100% of the benefits of vitamins. This way, the nutrients skip the GI tract and are completely bio available by being injected directly into the bloodstream. To increase absorption further, nutrients like calcium and magnesium (think epsom salt bath here) are used to carry the vitamins directly to your cells…now that’s more like it!

    My personal experience with this process has been at the Drip Doctors in Downtown LA. I love it here because each drip session has been specially formulated for you and they also customize drips based on your individual needs and goals for health & wellness. The Limitless drip has become my absolute go-to when I am feeling run down, fatigued and way low on energy (all of the things that should be avoided in my line of work.) This drip contains 1 liter of hydration and high doses of vitamin C, B complex, Taurine, Glutathione and Zinc

    Okay, so let me break it down here. If you…

  • Work out 5-6 (7!?) times a week like a boss
  • Are sore for a day or two with tight muscles
  • Feel weak or burnt out by Friday
  • Fatigued even when you’ve gotten your 8 hours of sleep
  • Wondering where you glow is by the weekend (or maybe all week long?)
  • Need more than one coffee a day
  • Travel frequently

    If you relate to one, or all of these…maybe it’s time to try something new and ease into IV Vitamin Therapy. The high dose of amino acids like Lysine, Carnitine and arginine help the body with muscle recovery and regeneration plus produce red blood cells AKA you’re going to be able to kill it on a more consistent basis at the gym. Some even act as neurotransmitters to the brain meaning you’ll feel less foggy at work and able to concentrate much clearer. B - vitamins help turn food into energy and Taurine gives you that extra boost of energy and stamina. 

    If the Limitless Drip sounds like too much for you for your first session, there are plenty of other options for you can choose from! For the most basic, you can just do a saline drip filled with tons of vitamins personalized for your needs for that boost of hydration and glow. There is one specifically for athletes called the MVP Drip which contains amino acids, non-essential amino acids, taurine, B-12 and B-complex vitamins.

To check it out yourself, visit www.dripdoctors.com