Why I'm Obsessed With Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Never heard of a lymphatic massage? Have no fear, I am here to explain it to you. What it is, how it’s done and of course, the major benefits of doing it! It’s a new and trendy practice here in America but places like Germany, France, Brazil and Australia have been practicing this style of massage for decades. These other countries understand the benefits + how necessary it is to take care of the lymphatic system.

A lymphatic massage is done as a treatment and less for relaxation (although you will leave feeling amazing and very relaxed). This treatment helps to increase lymphatic circulation by 30 times per minute. We have lymph nodes all over the body …on the neck, behind the ear, base of the skull, under the jaw, above collar bone, under the arms, around the groin, around the knee and the ankle … Over time due to getting sick, filling the body with toxins through processed food, drinking and getting surgery, the lymph nodes lose steam and have trouble functioning.

Have you ever experienced swollen lymph nodes? The cause is usually from illness, infection or in some cases, stress. In other countries, they realize that by manipulating the lymphatic system through this massage of rhythmic movement and hand pressure, it releases the buildup to eliminate swelling. By freeing up the ‘stuck’ lymph, the entire system can function better, quicker.

Benefits Include:

  • Helps clear lymphs after breast cancer treatment

  • Healing from sinus infections

  • Injury recovery

  • Relieves swelling in arms + legs after flying

  • Lessens the appearance of cellulite by bring blood to cells & clearing buildup

  • Releases bloating

<<<< These pictures are my before and after shots, taken within minutes of each other! This was only my first session and as you can see there were already huge changes and benefits that happened.

Make sure to drink a TON of water prior to your massage and even more water after it. You want to aid in this process of detoxing as best you can and since your body doesn’t make enough water to rid the toxins that will be released, you need to flush it out by drinking water, going to hot yoga or sitting in a sauna the next few days.

You should also do your best to stick to a plant based diet, with minimal amounts of processed food being consumed. The more processed food we taken in, the quicker the lymphatic system builds up and gets stuck again.

If you live in the LA area I recommend checking out @detoxmassagela .. Rebecca is amazing, just tell her you know me! xx