My Travel Rituals + Must Haves

Travel, one of my favorite things to do. You can see somewhere completely new in just 9 hours, you can visit your family across the country, you can take yourself away for a self-care weekend…but let’s be real, no matter what the occasion and no matter how close or far you are going - traveling is f*cking exhaustingggggg.


From packing, to getting to the airport to sitting thousands of miles up in the air in a tiny little chair to landing in a new place .. etc. etc. etc. Your body and mind need to be tended to and taken care of so you can make the most of your trip! Since you can’t control a flight being delayed or long it will take to get to your destination … how about focusing on the things you can control.

Below are my top tips and rituals that I follow every single time that I travel and since I have incorporated these practices, I feel great and barely experience any jet lag wherever I go! It may seem like a lot at first to add into your routine, but once you get used to it (and see the benefits of many of these tips), the packing & prepping becomes second nature.

First and foremost, if you don’t have it yet … get yourself TSA pre-check right now. Seriously, what are you waiting for?! this small action will eliminate the stress of airport security lines. Keep your shoes on, laptop stays in your bag, you zip right through and keep it moving folks. Best $80 I have ever spent. Not joking! ($80 gets you pre-check for 5 years #worthit … you can make an appointment near you here!)

** PS add your boarding pass to your Apple wallet after you check in for easier access to your tickets. This way you avoid digging in your bag over and over again or the stress of misplacing them. This keeps everything organized and easy to obtain - plus, you’re going to throw those tickets away as soon as you board your flight. Let’s save paper, friends!

Next up → Calpak suitcase set. I cannot say enough good things about this travel set. I was able to pack for TWO weeks of travel to 4 different destinations and take amazing pictures in totally different outfits using just the carry on and the duffle bag. Usually, overpacking is my jam. Even a weekend road trip getaway has my bag bursting at the seams. With my Calpak carryon, there is SO much space (with an extra space expander). My carry on was usually the regular type suitcase - clothes go on the bottom and the top is just pockets and zip compartments for undergarments. This bag allows you to pack clothes on both sides which makes all of the difference.

One side has a zipper compartment to flatten down all of your bulkier items, the opposite side has belt straps to tighten down your smaller items. That’s not even the best part though. The duffle bag is incredible containing a bottom zipper to store SHOES. #gamechanger you guys! This way, you don’t take up a ton of space in your suitcase with giant shoes ( I fit 2 pairs of my shoes, 1 of Mikes shoes, my flip flops and an umbrella … whoa). The rest of my inflight travel baggies fit perfectly inside and the back flap of the bag slides right over the suitcase handle bars. This way, you never have to carry that heavy thing, seriously genius!

Fueling your body:

According to Ayurvedic practices, fasting during a flight is the best way to avoid bloating, fatigue and jet lag. When you are up in the air your doshas (the energies that define your make up) most specifically, the Vata dosha falls out of balance. Staying warm before and during flying helps keep you balanced as well. Think: warm grain & veggie bowl before the flight, warm tonics like Four Sigmatic reishi or chaga to help prevent constipation or bloating.

Your new best friend during travel is magnesium, especially if you’ll be changing time zones. I love these tablets I found at Whole Foods. Magnesium contains essential nutrients for rest & relaxation, promoting a good nights sleep, less stress + aids in digestion which prevents that post flight bloat.

Using completely clean ingredients, Nuun hydration works with your body to stay healthy and hydrated when you’re working out or traveling a ton. Replenishing: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium. Pop 1 tablet into your water during the flight and one every morning on your trip.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Favorite bag stuffers with a purpose:

Share your favorite tips for travel below!